Gentle, modern training for dogs and their people

I teach reward-based, force-free dog training to families in the Boulder area. Using humane, scientific learning theories, I’ll show you how to teach your dog to be a happy, well-behaved, and reliable companion.

When you foster the human-animal bond (through praise, food, toys, and other forms of positive reinforcement) in all kinds of real-world situations:

  • Dogs learn faster.
  • Dogs adapt better.
  • Dogs stay calmer.
  • Dogs remain more focused.

Whether it’s basic dog training or more advanced skills for off-leash hiking, or solving behavior issues, including aggression, having a good relationship with your dog makes everything easier – for both of you.

You’ll find many dog trainers out there (even in dog-crazy Boulder), so let me be clear about what I believe and what sets me apart:

Dog training should be fun and educational for both dogs and people, not a power struggle.

Dog training is far more about building trust than it is about instituting “control.”

Dogs learn our rules through socialization and training that bridges the communication gap between species.

We cannot (and should not) punish our dogs into behaving better.
I do not use or recommend punishment, corrections, or other aversive methods:

  • No shock collars
  • No pinch collars
  • No choke collar
  • No leash corrections
  • No forcing dogs to “obey”